BeReady Training

training imageAED/CPR training is fundamental to a well-run AED program.  Unfortunately, it can also be logistically and financially challenging to manage, particularly in high-turnover organizations.  BeReady Emergency Response Training™ is a unique, online approach to AED/CPR training that enables you to improve lifesaving by training more people, more often – while saving money and eliminating logistical hassles along the way.  Endorsed by the Heart Rhythm Society*, the course is included as part of our standard offering and was built with Five Core Objectives:

  • More Life-Saving
  • Good Samaritan Protection
  • Ease of Use for the Layperson
  • Seamless Integration
  • Cost & Time Savings

BeReady presents AED/CPR skills training with uniform quality and uses a standardized learning assessment with test results seamlessly ported to your Certification Center.  Trainees can also take advantage of brief six-month refreshers, and upon expiration, automatically receive an invitation to renew their qualifications.  The synchronized approach of BeReady greatly reduces your workload and the potential for gaps.

If you prefer to access traditional in person training instead of or in addition to BeReady, CardioReady can easily coordinate on-site training sessions.  We offer these sessions at cost, as part of our commitment to the widespread adoption of CPR training.



* The ideas and opinions expressed in materials associated with BeReady  do not necessarily reflect those of the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS).   HRS’ affirmation of the quality of any product should not be interpreted as an indication favoring the purchase or use of one particular product versus other quality offerings available in the marketplace.