While Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are now very affordable and easy to use, merely having an AED onsite is not enough. If programs are not properly documented, communicated, and maintained, staff and others may not know how to respond in an emergency, equipment can cease to be effective, and organizations can face regulatory sanctions and penalties. CardioReady provides the complete, turnkey solution to mitigate and prevent these risks, enabling our clients to fortify their financial positions and their reputations.

In addition, each of the 50 states in the U.S. now mandates usage of AEDs across various business classes. However laws vary from state to state, making it difficult for organizations to navigate, and more importantly, comply with varying, and sometimes confusing regulations. As a result, we are guided by the philosophy that AED programs should be: More Effective, Easier, and More Affordable.

Our integrated, custom solutions help clients across North America overcome these issues. We do this by providing two main components that eliminate the concerns related to maintaining an effective and compliant AED program:

  1. A comprehensive suite of services to help implement and maintain cost-effective AED programs
  2. A patented certification process – CardioReady Certification – to ensure that you are well positioned to act with the speed and certainty required to save lives

We offer a fully integrated solution, starting with evaluation and AED procurement through training, management, and certification. With a dedicated Relationship Manager supporting you all along the way, we simplify and improve the process for rescue readiness and compliance.

Ultimately, CardioReady Certification ensures your location has met the standards necessary to act with the speed and certainty needed to save lives. Simply put, CardioReady protects the heart of your organization.




Leveraging our own assets to drive investigation of key issues as well as analysis of third-party research, CardioReady is a thought leader in the AED sector. Our base of knowledge and experience bridges the disciplines of operations and risk, and we are able to offer our clients informed perspectives on topics ranging from AEDs to regulatory / legal to logistics. We also support our offerings with an industry-leading medical board.

Most importantly, we recognize that understanding your business is fundamental to providing you with the highest levels of service. With this objective in mind, we maintain dedicated Practice Groups to bring unique expertise to our client engagements.


Practice Groups

CardioReady recognizes that the most effective AED programs maximize the opportunity to save lives by reflecting the unique characteristics and qualities of the organizations that adopt them. Appreciating this, we do not believe in taking a “one size fits all” approach to the programs that we put in place for our clients and have developed specific, differentiated expertise and capabilities for the sectors that we serve.

Learn more about CardioReady Practice Groups

Our commitment to you starts with the skills and capabilities of our teammates who lead each of our client segments and extends to the bespoke approach that we take to recognize and accommodate the distinctive aspects of your organization. CardioReady tailors its approach to the unique traits of your operations – including your employee and customer profile, human resources policies, physical locations, brand and marketing objectives – to align with your overall strategy. Our team-focused culture also promotes sharing of expertise across the entire CardioReady organization to ensure that you benefit from innovation as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, CardioReady’s and its practice group leads will provide you with the best Cardiac Emergency Response Program and afford you an unparalleled customer experience.


CardioReady’s cost-effective cardiac emergency readiness solutions help you “do the right thing” – both for your customers and for your organization. Leveraging the expertise of our dedicated Practice Groups, we are able to appreciate the nuances and specific needs of your organization. We use this specialized knowledge to customize a program to fit with the unique characteristics of your operations. Additionally, we work with all major device manufacturers, ensuring that we are focused solely on your best interest when it comes to AED selection and deployment.

Each account is expertly handled by one of our relationship managers, who coordinate directly with you and CardioReady’s national network of experts for assessments, training, annual evaluations, reporting, and other ongoing services. Our 1,500 person-strong network consists of registered nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and other similarly skilled personnel. Additionally, we retain a network of physicians to provide oversight for all customers with CardioReady Certification status.

We also provide you access to CardioRegistry, our customized online inventory and planning system which keeps track of responder training certification dates, battery and pad expiration, and other key updates.

With our nationwide network, we help you implement and monitor consistent policies and procedures across your organization, adhering to the various laws and regulations on a state-by-state basis.