Safety in Numbers

Posted: September 9, 2016    |   Andy Roeder

Are You Smarter than a High School Student?

As the kids head back to school, it seems timely to talk about learning and knowledge.

Can you imagine if your son or daughter collapsed from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) right in front of you?  THIS ARTICLE describes how the coach of a little league team watched in horror as his son went into SCA after being hit in the chest by a baseball.  As good fortune would have it, one of the boy’s teammates was a lifeguard and had been trained in CPR.  That player saved the victim’s life by performing CPR until paramedics arrived.  The father of his now-recovered son stated “I was more helpless than I felt probably in my whole life, because here he is, he’s dying and I can’t help him. To have Paul there to step up, it was incredible. It was something that I’ll never forget.”

Simply performing CPR and applying an AED can improve a dismal SCA survival rate of just 7% to over 70%.  Placing all of this in context, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation (SCAF) released a video this summer that is very well done and beautifully sums up the wide-ranging human impact of SCA.  You can view it HERE.  It is three minutes of well-spent time – the most common word we hear back from viewers is “powerful”.  A striking takeaway from watching the survivors recount their experiences is that SCA is not just for the elder set…as one survivor notes, “it can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace.  And I know, because it happened to me”.

Unfortunately, the percent of people currently trained in CPR in most communities is just 2% to 3% – a rate that has not changed in decades.  However, there is hope.  The advent of on-line training makes learning CPR simpler and more convenient than ever before.

Also, there is a growing movement upon us that will make a significant difference.  34 states (and D.C.) now require graduating students to be CPR/AED trained, which amounts to more than 2 million students being trained annually.

So, do your kids know more than you?  To help you keep pace, we would like to share this one and a half minute REFRESHER VIDEO that we send out to our clients six months after completing our CPR/AED course.  There is safety in numbers – so, feel free to share with others.  The more people that are familiar with CPR, the more likely that someone will get lifesaving help when they need it.

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