Peace of mind for retailers, employees, and most importantly, customers.

CardioReady recognizes that the most effective AED programs maximize the opportunity to save lives by reflecting the unique characteristics and qualities of the organizations that adopt them. And just like retailers the world over, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to the programs that we put in place for our clients. Instead, we developed specific, differentiated expertise and capabilities for the sectors that we serve.

Today’s retail landscape is more competitive than it has ever been. As you seek to outstrip ecommerce and the other alternatives that now exist for your customers and your potential customers, can you afford to have visitors to your establishments feel anything less than safe? Equally, in view of the composition of today’s workforce, SCA is an increasing risk for your employee base.

From seasonal fluctuations to shift patterns to employee composition and turn-over, CardioReady understands the dynamics and challenges of the retail sector. More importantly, we take the time to absorb the specific characteristics of your business profile, making us uniquely positioned to help you not only improve your ability to save lives but also to elevate your brand.

Our commitment to you starts with the skills and capabilities of our teammates who lead each of our client segments and extends to the bespoke approach that we take to recognize and accommodate the distinctive aspects of your organization. CardioReady tailors its approach to the unique traits of your operations – including your employee and customer profile, human resources policies, physical locations, brand and marketing objectives – to align with your overall strategy. Our team-focused culture also promotes sharing of expertise across the entire CardioReady organization to ensure that you benefit from innovation as quickly as possible.

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In the highly competitive grocery space where consumers are increasingly focused on health, providing customers with the best shopping experience entails not only offering healthy options on stores shelves but also taking a holistic view towards overall shopper safety. Commitment to enhanced safety can serve as a compelling differentiator, and CardioReady Certification enables you to realize prospective benefit on top of positive brand awareness created after a successful response to an event. Additionally, CardioReady Certification can help improve employee perceptions of your environment in turn creating a more stable employee base.

Multiple Location Retails, Chains, Large Format

Brands with numerous locations must address complexity across the entirety of their location footprint as they seek to provide consistent, high-quality experiences to their customers. With its detailed understanding of retail operations, knowledge of varying regulations and compliance requirements, as well as user-friendly tools, CardioReady is able to provide turn-key solutions to large brands that help to align local operations with the overall enterprise. CardioReady Certification helps to establish consistent practices that are easy to install and maintain and visible organization-wide. These preparations not only improve your control activities but also protecting and enhancing your brand.

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