Property, Manufacturing and Services

Protecting the heart of business.

When implementing AED programs for professional offices, industrial locations and manufacturing plants, there are often intersecting interests to be considered ranging from the property owner to the site manager to the leaseholder. CardioReady has structured its Property Practice to recognize these converging dynamics as well as the commonality of exposures and characteristics across these various types of locations.

CardioReady recognizes that the most effective AED programs maximize the opportunity to save lives by reflecting the unique characteristics and qualities of the organizations that adopt them. Appreciating this, we do not believe in taking a “one size fits all” approach to the programs that we put in place for our clients. Instead, we have developed specific, differentiated expertise and capabilities for the sectors that we serve.

Our commitment starts with the skills and capabilities of our teammates who lead each of our client segments and extends to the bespoke approach that we take to recognize and accommodate the distinctive aspects of your organization. CardioReady tailors its approach to the unique traits of your operations – including your employee and customer profile, human resources policies, physical locations, brand and marketing objectives – to align with your overall strategy. Our team-focused culture also promotes sharing of expertise across the entire CardioReady organization to ensure that you benefit from innovation as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, our goal is twofold: to provide our customers with the best Cardiac Emergency Response Program and a superior customer experience.

Within the insurance vertical, CardioRead has experience with…


Commercial Real Estate Companies, REITs, Property Managers

CAM Fees, Gross Leases, Triple Net Leases… not only is CardioReady fluent in your language, we actually understand the interplay between property owners, managers, and tenants and the impact that differing contractual arrangements have on AED program deployment and management. This knowledge and experience enables us to design a Cardiac Emergency Response Program that not only protects your portfolio but also elevates the reputation of your enterprise in the eyes of your tenants.

Manufacturing and Industrial Locations

Whether for the head office, production line, or warehouse, AED programs have become an essential standard for worker safety. We design Cardiac Emergency Response Programs that fit your multi-functional operations across all facilities in all locations, boosting central visibility, control, and overall risk management, while addressing for regional and site-specific variations. Equally importantly, our user-friendly approach ensures that your program is an enhancement to, not a distraction from, your core business.

Professional Offices

Your employees and your customers are your core assets. With CardioReady Certification, you are able to concretely portray the high value you place on both of these groups. More importantly, you improve the actual state of safety for your valued partners and colleagues.

Residential Communities and HOAs

Common areas such as pools, fitness centers, and other recreational areas can present SCA exposure to residential communities and HOAs. Blending our knowledge of the property space with our expertise in these other areas, we are well positioned to help you enhance your tenants’ experience. Not only does CardioReady Certification improve safety, it creates a tangible means for your tenants to realize the measures you take on their behalf and your regard for their wellbeing.