Hospitality is powered by heart.

From hotels to restaurants to conference centers, some of the most discriminating brands in the world have chosen to become CardioReady Certified, as they appreciate the need to address all aspects of comfort for their guests and the safety of their employees. We recognize that the most effective AED programs maximize the opportunity to save lives by reflecting the unique characteristics and qualities of the organizations that adopt them. And like our hospitality clients, we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to the programs. Instead , we have developed specific, differentiated expertise and capabilities for the sectors that we serve.

The Hospitality practice group is led by Gretchen Kirkwood. As a former owner and manager of her own catering business, she has a deep, first hand understanding of the unique needs and challenges of those in the Hospitality sector.

Our commitment starts with the skills and capabilities of our teammates who lead each of our client segments and extends to the bespoke approach that we take to recognize and accommodate the distinctive aspects of your organization. CardioReady tailors its approach to the unique traits of your operations – including your employee and customer profile, human resources policies, physical locations, brand and marketing objectives – to align with your overall strategy. Our team-focused culture also promotes sharing of expertise across the entire CardioReady organization to ensure that you benefit from innovation as quickly as possible.

Within the hospitality sector, CardioReady serves…


We recognize that you endeavor to build a loyal, lifetime customer base. Whether through your direct appeal to guests or as you seek to recruit business through meeting planners and destination coordinators, CardioReady Certification adds credible and transparent value to the safety and security of your hospitality offering for all of those at your sites. Importantly, our understanding of the logistical challenges in the hotel space, including 24/7 operations, employee composition, and breadth of exposures, enables us to construct well-informed programs that are relevant to the design and environment of your properties.


Frequent employee turn-over, late hours of operation, bustling environments – we not only understand the nature of the restaurant business, we customize our solutions with these challenges in mind, making it both practical and easy for you to safeguard your patrons and those who serve them.


Your guests seek pleasure, rest and relaxation. CardioReady Certification offers them the safety and peace of mind that will enable them to truly enjoy your destination. Your employees will have confidence in the level of protection offered to these customers and to them as well. Together, these benefits help to foster the type of experience that your guests will want to enjoy again.

Conference and Convention Centers

Conference and Convention Centers face competition from a multitude of sites vying for business as well as the emergence of virtual meeting solutions. With awareness regarding SCA continuing to increase, cardiac safety measures are receiving increasing weight in the site selection process, as planners and corporations seek to ensure that their associates are fully protected. With CardioReady Certification, you gain an evident safety benefit, helping you to draw attendees and making your locations preferred destinations.

Entertainment Venues

Your customers come to be entertained and enjoy themselves with friends and family. Public gathering spaces such as bowling alleys, movie theatres, ski resorts, and other entertainment venues are prime locations for SCA events, and the pursuit of CardioReady Certification will enhance your customers’ experience with you and visibly confirm your proactive commitment to safety. CardioReady has used its longstanding experience in the hospitality, club, and other activity-oriented sectors to accumulate a refined understanding of entertainment site exposures and business dynamics in order to provide you with solutions defined by your own needs.