Fitness & Recreation

Fitness starts at the heart.

CardioReady recognizes that the most effective AED programs maximize the opportunity to save lives by reflecting the unique characteristics and qualities of the organizations that adopt them. Appreciating this, we do not believe in taking a “one size fits all” approach to the programs that we put in place for our clients. Instead, we have developed specific, differentiated expertise and capabilities for the sectors that we serve—particularly in the fitness and recreation sectors.

Lifelong athlete Cathy Wetherell leads CardioReady’s Fitness & Recreation practice group. She combines this passion with her knowledge of the club environment to bring a unique skill set to her role with CardioReady’s Fitness and Recreation Practice, servicing golf and country clubs, fitness clubs, gyms and spas.

Starting from a long-standing foundation of clients who have chosen CardioReady Certification, including some of the best known golf courses in the world, CardioReady has built the capabilities appropriate to serve organizations engaged across the entire array of activity-oriented commerce.

Our commitment starts with the skills and capabilities of our teammates who lead each of our client segments and extends to the bespoke approach that we take to recognize and accommodate the distinctive aspects of your organization. We tailor our approach to the unique traits of your operations – including your employee and customer profile, human resources policies, physical locations, brand and marketing objectives – to align with your overall strategy. Our team-focused culture also promotes sharing of expertise across the entire CardioReady organization to ensure that you benefit from innovation as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, CardioReady provides fitness & recreation clients you with the best Cardiac Emergency Response Program and a superior customer experience.

Within the fitness and recreation space, CardioReady works with…

Golf and Country Clubs

The experience of its members and guests and the dedication of its employees defines the success of a golf or country club. Whether in the clubhouse, on the tennis court, in the pool, or on the 18th green, CardioReady improves the safety of your destination and helps you to create an exceptional experience for your patrons while also enhancing employee benefits. In providing our customized solutions to you, we appreciate the distinctive aspects of your organization, including the nature of your employee base, seasonality of your business, and the diverse and wide scope of your operations. We craft our solutions to fit both membership clubs and independent daily-fee courses. Additionally, our solutions are particularly apt for large management companies seeking to ensure consistent quality and reduce risk across their locations.

Fitness Clubs, Gyms and Spas

Fitness centers are committed to bringing their members the best equipment, classes, and other means of improving members’ overall health. Protecting member safety with best-in-class tools aligns completely with this mission, but multiple shifts, high turnover, uneven employee experience levels, and extended hours can add complexity to implementing AED programs in fitness enterprises. CardioReady understands and has proven experience in assisting companies to meet these specific challenges. Endorsed by one of the world’s largest insurance companies for its Health & Fitness portfolio, CardioReady offers high-quality, pragmatic solutions for single club operators and multiple-location chains across North America to help protect members, guests, and employees.


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