Financial Services

The financial services universe depends on the people that power it.

Commercial Banks

With sites ranging from processing centers to corporate offices to branches, Commercial Banks must address complexity across the entirety of their location footprint as they seek to provide consistent, high-quality experiences to their customers. With our detailed understanding of banking operations, knowledge of varying regulations and compliance requirements, as well as user-friendly tools, CardioReady is able to provide turn-key solutions that help align local operations with the overall enterprise. CardioReady Certification helps to establish consistent practices that are easy to install and maintain as well as visible and auditable organization-wide. These preparations not only improve control activities but also protect and enhance banks’ brand within the communities they serve.

Credit Unions

The very purpose of a Credit Union is to serve its members. The common bond requirement for credit union members means there is shared interest in the well-being of its community. AED programs validate this dedication to both employees and members—and CardioReady is uniquely equipped to ensure that the credit union realizes appropriate recognition and benefit from its commitment. More importantly, CardioReady Certification provides peace of mind that employees and members are protected.

Investment Advisors / Brokers

Providing investment advice involves an explicit trust between advisor and client with the expectation being that the advisor will safeguard the client’s personal interests. An AED affirms your care for the wellbeing of your clients and provides a safe environment when they visit your offices.

An advisor’s other key asset is its employees, and an AED program is an integral part of safeguarding their well-being and affirming the value that they bring to the organization. As the workforce ages, this protection is now more important than ever before.

CardioReady’s comprehensive solutions protect all of an advisor’s human assets across a wide geographic range while also promoting central visibility and controls to facilitate compliance and consistency. Financial services help clients prepare for the future—and an AED program helps to protect that future.

Investment Banks

Investment Banking is a competitive business and talent is the key to success. CardioReady understands the pressures that the industry exerts on an investment bank’s most valuable asset–its people. In view of the composition of the aging workforce, SCA is an increasing risk for a bank’s employee base and its clients. CardioReady’s comprehensive solutions protect both employee and client across a wide geographic range while also promoting central visibility and controls to facilitate compliance and consistency.