FMI/CardioReady AED Survey – Compelling Results

Posted: April 6, 2016    |   Will Matty

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) conducted research with CardioReady to understand how the food retailing industry is addressing the AED topic. To do so, FMI gathered data from 59 of its member companies in August of 2015 to update previous findings from 2011.

Key Findings

69% survey response rate (48% increase vs. 2011), including 59 companies representing 51,597 store locations

  • On average, those with AED programs save SCA victims 62% of the time
  • 46% have received press/community recognition after responding to an SCA incident
  • 57% indicated that their customers have inquired about AEDs
  • 70% responded that their employees have asked about AEDs
  • 55% have AEDs in all or select stores (+37.5% Increase from 2011)
  • 78% now have AEDs in at least some locations
  • 41% implemented their program in the last 5 years or less
  • 75% increase in survey respondents with AEDs in All Stores
  • 84% of respondents cited a low level of effort expended to maintain their AED programs
  • AED/CPR Training was cited as the element requiring the highest level of effort
  • AED program costs are consistently modest with roughly 66% spending $500 or less per location
  • Only 13 respondents noted no AEDs in any of their locations


It is clear that in the intervening period since the prior survey was completed, AED adoption has continued to grow. The substantial majority of respondents now have some form of AED program in place and store-based deployments have expanded significantly. Neither the current nor prior surveys polled on the motivating factors for AED adoption, but in view of the high percentages of current survey respondents indicating that they have received inquiries from employees (70%) and customers (57%) regarding AEDs, this would be an interesting area to investigate in future research.

Certainly, the grocery industry has a rich history of serving and supporting the wellbeing of communities in which they operate, and AED programs are completely consistent with this ethos. Even the most conservative measures indicate that FMI members have already saved hundreds of employee and customer lives with their commitment to protecting their most valuable asset – people.

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