CR2 Acquires Innovative Cardiac Emergency Response Solutions

Posted: April 20, 2012

Philadelphia – April 20, 2012 –CR2, LLC announced the acquisition of CardioReady, a pioneer in Cardiac Emergency Response and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) deployment since 2004. Using a patented suite of solutions, CardioReady assists organizations across the United States in protecting the lives of their customers, employees, and other visitors to their sites against Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) – the leading cause of death in America. CardioReady’s unique solutions, including its proprietary certification framework, promote proper implementation of emergency response protocols and broaden AED availability, in order to better enable organizations to prevent death and injury from SCA while visibly affirming their leadership position in safety and wellness.

“The addition of CardioReady furthers our corporate commitment to saving lives by improving the safety capabilities of our clients as well as assisting them to minimize risk and ensure compliance with applicable regulations. With the aid of our Medical Advisory Board, we are excited for the opportunity to build upon CardioReady’s innovative solutions and offer the next phase of Cardiac Emergency Preparedness,” said John Ehinger, President of CR2. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with the CardioReady team and believe our collective clients will quickly benefit from the synergies of capabilities between the two enterprises, particularly as we expand our national network of 1,500 providers.”

Sudden cardiac arrest accounts for more than 300,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. However, research has shown that the chances of survival can increase from 8 percent or less to more than 70 percent if an AED is used within three minutes of collapse.

With the efficacy of early intervention now well established and given the capabilities and wealth in America, SCA should not claim the number of adults and children that it does each year. Solutions have become so affordable and so easy to implement that people should expect to find well organized and effective AED programs in any location of consequence.

The CR2 acquisition of CardioReady reflects the company’s commitment to making this paradigm a reality, ensuring that AED solutions, programs, and training are accessible and affordable.

“We are proud of the ground that we have broken with CardioReady, and we believe that CR2 will continue to progress our efforts to reduce the number of lives lost to SCA,” said Norman Norris, Chairman of CardioReady’s parent corporation, CR Certification Corporation “In CR2, we have found an outstanding partner, and the sale of CardioReady presents a wonderful opportunity for CardioReady’s customers to enjoy an expanded scope of solutions as well as the potential for numerous other opportunities into the future.”

About CR2

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, CR2 is a company committed to improving survival from cardiac events and helps organizations to manage and mitigate cardiac risks. With a team comprised of professionals skilled in medicine, risk management, and emergency response services, CR2 offers its clients true turn-key solutions to save lives and manage exposure to cardiac incidents on a national basis.