CardioReady Certification Center

Cert Center imageThe CardioReady Certification Center (CCC) is a web-based platform that houses and facilitates tracking of all key program details, including AED specifics, Training, Maintenance, and Consumables. The CCC works with all makes and models of AED and accommodates client-specific access levels, spanning from local users to regional / business unit super users to overarching global roles.

Key data summaries are easily viewable at the macro level via concise summary dashboards as well as at the local level via intuitive summary and detailed screens. The CCC platform also includes access to various other items, such as communication templates, AED manuals, systems user guides and FAQs / tips.

From the CCC platform, local users receive email reminders informing them of upcoming expirations related to AEDs and/or training. Users also receive reminders to perform required AED checks.

For clients using our BeReady training product, certifications are automatically populated into our CCC system, and renewals are prompted and documented without the need for client-initiated administrative efforts.